2006 Yamaha Apex GT

I have owned this machine since it was new. It has been nothing but spot-on, bulletproof, and I believe it to be bulletproof for years to come. Any add-ons or component changes were done with the highest quality parts available and to make the machine better on long-distance travels. Nothing was done for performance. Just comfort. These machines are 150 HP, fuel-injected, they need nothing.

Here is a list of accessories that I can remember off the top of my head:
- 121x1.25" ripsaw track
- 144 - 1.45 Woody's Megabite studs
- Woody's dually carbides up front
- Yamaheater grip booster kit
- Mr. Yamaha HID headlight kit
- 5-inch aluminum handlebar riser
- mid-height black flared windshield
- Hygear-twisted triple rate spring kit and Hygear valving on the shocks
- WRP mountain seat cover and foam kit
- comes with a Yamaha deluxe cover and dust cover
- Yamaha spare belt
- Odyssey gel cell battery

I rate this machine at a 9 out of 10 -- maybe a scratch here or there. It is absolutely turnkey ready to go for lots of years and miles. Three years ago I pulled the rear skid, updated all the wheels to new, and had disassembled and powder-coated all the rails and suspension. Hi-fax was put on at that time, maybe 800-900 miles ago. I have lots of snow. Come take it for a spin. It has 3750 miles on it. I was always going to keep this forever as a collector, but I can't stand it sitting in the garage and not being ridden, especially in years like this. Don't be afraid to call with any questions or concerns. I really don't see any others around that has what this one has.