Yamaha RS Venture 2 UP 2007

Like New 2007 RS Venture 2 UP that I have owned since new. Most dependable and smoothest driving sled I have ever had and I am 55 years old & sledding since 10 years old! 20 MPG, 4 stroke dependability and smooth running without the smoke & smell! Elec Start, Reverse, heavy duty suspension, comfy backrest , luggage rack, nice large and warm windshield, 95% of all miles driven in the UP on groomed trails only! Dual Ski Carbides, Clean as can be, NO studs ever in the track, professionally maintained. Includes Yamaha Cover & New Yuasa Battery going in Saturday (old one was 7 years old and I know the new owner will appreciate the best battery out there!) Love it, just bought a new RS Venture so my wife says--don't need two! As usual--she is right! NOTE: This is not the picture of my sled, need to get it from Cabin this weekend. Mine also has additional wheel kit for less hyfax wear. I forgot to put that in the ad about miles!! Old age gets me again! I want to say it is just over 7000 miles? Forgot to mention also that my friends at Meyer Yamaha in UP, had just cleaned and tuned the entire Carb assembly last year. So all ready to go! No hidden blemishes

2007 RS Venture.JPG