2012 Bearcat Z1XT LTD Update info!

New info:
Mileage confirmed at 299.8 miles!
Adding new battery
Adding All-terrain snowmobile wheel dollies
Adding new spare belt

Clean machine, rarely used(the wifes machine) housed in enclosed trailer, well maintained, low miles. Due to health I have to retire my hobbies so I'm offering a great deal on this machine to get over the pain quick. With new battery I was able to confirm mileage at 299.8 miles! Excellent to mint overall. There are a couple of scuffs around the left knee area. Pics show dust from storage in trailer over last 2 years. Engine bay is clean as new.

Lots of upgrades and extras:
New battery
All-terrain snowmobile wheel dollies
Radiator kit
Front receiver bumper with harness for winch
Rear receiver hitch with harness for winch
Receiver winch
Winch cover
Transport mount
Spare drive belt
Owners manual






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