I'm second owner always stored indoors very well taken care of, new 1 3/8 cobra track, Walker Evans shocks recharge, new fuel filter, power valves cleaned new gaskets, new springs in both clutches, electric start, reverse hand and thumb warmers ,helmet hook up, new Simmons dual carbide skis, best handling sled I've ever owned with plenty of power, goes through the deep snow with ease too, extra belts case of full synthetic oil.. all that's been ran through this engine , stock skis cover, Sled didn't need new track or ski's but I wanted a better bigger lug for deeper snow and the ski's help a lot with getting the sled on top the snow and the trails you can drive one hand it handles so good.

Snowmobile 193.JPG

Snowmobile 191.JPG

Snowmobile 189.JPG

Snowmobile 186.JPG

Snowmobile 190.JPG

Snowmobile 172.JPG

Snowmobile 178.JPG