I have owned this sled since new. And she is difficult to part with as I have taken such good care of her but the stable is full of other sleds and its time to thin the heard. Sled has been garage kept its entire life. Trailered in an enclosed trailer back when I had a 4 place, and since downgrading to a 2 place open trailer its never went a mile down the road without the cover on it. I cannot even begin to tell you what a NUT I am at doing maintenance so this sled has always been maintained, even if not able to get out and ride during the season, the sled was still maintained the same as if I had rode it, its just how I am.

Electric Start
Electronic fuel gauge
Xtra 12 suspension

This is not old 580 XLT, this is the true 600 XLT (597). And its the engine with the 4th oiler for the crank, past XLT’s had major issues with crank seals and bearings.

- Runs like its brand new, no hesitation, no loss of power.
- Hood is in excellent shape, no cracks, scratches, shines like its brand new
- Seat is in excellent shape, no wear marks, tears, fading
- Track is not studded and looks brand new
- Engine compartment is super clean
- Tunnel is super clean

Never blew a belt, or had any engine lights come on like heat indicators. Always has been a great sled. Everything works as it should, lights, reverse, electric start, hand warmers, thumb warmer. Sled was never rode like a hot shot or maniac, just cruising along on a trail. Sled as 3800 miles.

There are lots of sleds out there, scary part is most are beat so bad and then sold to you. I know when I buy things I want to buy from someone who took care of it, but its sad its rare to find anyone who takes care of things anymore. This sled has been WELL cared for, people laugh at me when I am out riding and they see how excellent shape the outside and engine compartment is. I am asking 2200.00 for the sled. You will certainly not find one in this great of shape, this well maintained and taken care of.