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Here is a vintage snowmobile sleigh built by International Fiberglass Company. Sleigh is in great condition other than the...

Springfield, Michigan
Posted: Jul 17


FREE= 1971 scorpion, mark ll. good condition

colgate, Wisconsin
Posted: Jul 12


here is a very nice sled has new recovered seat,matching handle bar pad,fuel lines and filter,newer clutch,brand new front...

clio, Michigan
Posted: Jun 15


1972 Polaris Charger SS 530 sn 0735397.. Model number 7275494.. in Good Shape.. Motor turns Over... Good...

new germany, Minnesota
Posted: Jun 6


I have one to many projects in the garage and this one is taking up space, i'm selling it as parts just because the...

Aurora, Minnesota
Posted: Jun 3


I’ve had this snowmobile for 20 years and it’s been a fun sled to drive, I haven’t run in the past 5 years so it needs to go ...

Aurora, Minnesota
Posted: Jun 2


It's been on my shelf for the past 17 years I don't see myself restoring it and put together. The rear of the tunnel needs...

Aurora, Minnesota
Posted: Jun 2


I’m the second owner of the snowmobile it runs very nice and is very clean. There is a dust cover that goes with it along w...

Aurora, Minnesota
Posted: Jun 2


here is a very nice sleigh has seat foam for bottom but will need cover i can have it done for a extra $75.this is the...

clio, Michigan
Posted: May 23