2015 Ski Doo Renegade XRS 800

Selling my 2015 Ski Doo Renegade XRS 800 E TEC. 3600 miles and 2 more winters of warnty left on this one, witch is a nice option to have on a used sled. I Put over 2 grand in extras on it last winter thinking i would keep it for a few years but now they came out with the new Gen 4 850 e tec so i just to ordered one, so now it time for the XRS to go. I paid $11750 early last season and put 2+ grand in it so i have $13750+ into it and will let it go for $10800 and i only got to put 1 thousand miles on it but love every mile!!! So my 3 thousand dollar loos is your gain. It has the 1.5 track with nice double backer studs with like 500 miles on them track and studs in great shape. Its Got Billy Howords stage 2 clutch kit witch i really think is the best out there, butter smooth engagement and pulls hard, over $500 for his kits but worth it they rock!!! and it sounds great with a carbon fiber can thats not to loud but sounds great all around but does bark good when wide open fore sure, i really love the can and my wife has the same one cause we really like them and have tried lots and had a carbon fiber one from slp but was really loud this one is perfect!!! I put the glove box extention on and the GPS mount and power supply with extra power supply outlets and plus inside for anything you should ever need down the road and i added the extra LED head light and the clear hand guards with the LED lights in the to and WOW you can see everything all around you so so much better. The hand guards have mirrors on them that flip in and out and really work great. I put the nice Ski Doo adjustable rises on that are solid and a 4 to 8'' rise on the fly and really works great and easy to do at anytime. It has Land and See racing nee pads and work and fit the best out there so yes this thing is set up really nice and feels very nice on the trail and is set up to grip and rip and it does, it is very fast and very clean and has been gone through after every ride and needs noting. This is the hot deal so get it befor it snows!!! Call any time Thanks (608)553 0078