2012 F1100 non-turbo

2012 F1100 non-turbo with around 2500 miles and in great shape although a little dirty from sitting in the garage for the summer. Studded ripsaw track and comes with an outer wheel kit that hasn't been installed yet.

This is my buddies sled that I'm selling for him. He's busy at work and I'm selling it for him as a favor. Sled is paid off with registration in hand. It is currently located in Farmington Illinois but we will be bringing it to my house in Bloomington Illinois in a week or two. I may be willing to travel and meet someone that wants to buy the sled.

Changed the oil at the beginning of last season but only had a maybe 300 miles put on it (all in the Minoqua area) due to crappy snow conditions last winter. I'm working on getting more detailed pictures and exact mileage of the sled. Feel free to contact me with any questions.