1999 XCR 700

700 VES Triple 136" Track w/ 14 inches of rear travel ! - - over 100 HP 110+MPH - Very Clean & Comfortable Ride - U.P Miles

Very expensive Fox Clicker Shock in Rear w/ large dia. shaft

All miles are either in Northern Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula - no ditch banging with this sled

Always taken in enclosed trailer!

I'm practically giving this seld away because I have 5 snowmobiles - I love this sled and hate to see it go

Great Compression starts on one pull ! - these motors are known to go for more than 15,000 miles

Has a 2002 RMK EDGE 136" rear suspension w/studded track (14" Travel)

Exhaust Valves Cleaned Regularly

Has New Exhaust Manifold Gaskets last season

FOX Shocks in front were rebuilt last season

Rear Fox Clicker Shock Rebuilt - last season

All oil injection & fuel lines have been replaced

RCA jack for heated Face Shield

Rear suspension shafts and wheel bearing have all been gone thru, either replaced or re packed with grease

Front Suspension gone thru, new bushings, spindle mounts, greased and free moving skis sit level

- Stainless steel hardware on front end

New Hyfax on rear skid

One of a kind sled that is super fast - keeps up with the 800 Twins - no problem

Sled is capable of adding Reverse and Electric Start

Shocks sprayed with lithium grease to prevent shafts rusting

XCR 700 ENGINE.jpg

XCR FOX shock.jpg

XCR 700 ENGINE1.jpg

XCR 700 RH.jpg


99 136.jpg

99 FOX Shock.jpg

99 track.JPG